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NHASCD encourages all educators to stay informed about proposed legislation at both the state and federal levels.  We also urge you to contact your representatives to express your professional perspectives and personal opinions on proposed legislation.  

Your representatives want to hear from you.  is the home page of the NH State Legislature.  To find your Rep. or Senator, go to the House of Representatives or State Senate “Dash Board” and then click on “Find Your Representative” or “Find Your Senator.”  The “State Legislation Dash Board” can also be very helpful.

Here are two other ideas for tracking the content and status of bills that may be of particular interest to you.

  1.  is the official website of the NH General Court (legislature).  Type in ‘Education’ as the Title Search on the Advanced Bill Status Search page.
  2. is the site of NEA New Hampshire which tracks bills of specific interest to teachers.  It tracks bills that emerge from the two Education Committees as well as bills from other committees that could potentially impact schools and families.  

At the federal level, ASCD’s Public Policy Action Center provides information about its legislative agenda at


The following websites provides information about contacting your elected officials in Washington, D.C.:


Thank you for your advocacy!